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May 22


April 5


April 10


June 8

Our internal tooling has been updated. Settings pages now have translations for Spanish, German, and French. In addition, our build process has been improved which will allow us to make new designs faster than ever. We have a few minor updates and feature requests coming up.

April 3

We stand with the people of Ukraine and all of those affected by the war. We also released a design to show your support. It should be avalible to all devices within the next week. For more ways you can support Ukraine, check out this link.

March 4

We are updating our internal tooling to be more flexible. This includes translations, new features, and format customizations. When complete, future designs will have more options by default.

December 7

Working on a new design. Will be finished by next week. Expect some updates to existing clockfaces in the coming months. Also, we got featured in staff picks for the second time!!!

August 12

A user requested design has been released. We also completed a feature request. Expect 2 more clockfaces by the end of the month.

June 14

New project roadmap released! Now you can see the upcoming projects and their expected release dates. This will remove guesswork and keep us on a consistent schedule. Enjoy!

May 30

A user requested design is coming soon! Expect it to be here this week! We also have a requested feature coming up.

May 26

Some old news has been archived as we rebuild the site with new features. Our faq has also been rebuilt. Expect more improvments by the end of the month.

May 22


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